April 16, 2022 Comments Off on Automation Automation AMERICAN GERMAN ROLLSHUTTERS & SHADES

There are many choices in automation for our products. Below is a list with details about each product.

Remote Controls – motors today are available with built-in remote features. Remote control can be used for rollshutters, shades or awnings. Multiple products can be operated with a single push of a button or each and every unit can be operated independently.

Sun Sensors – motors can be tied to sun sensors to allow shades or awnings to be operated automatically. When activated the shades will move up or down according to the sensor’s reading of the light.

Sun/Wind Sensors – this allows the added feature of automatic retraction of a product in high wind conditions to protect the shade or awning. The sun sensor works as described above. Multiple shades or awnings can be tied to one sensor.

Timers – allow any of our products to go up or down at a set time of day.

Home Automation – is becoming more and more prevalent in newly constructed homes. Any of our products can be tied into home automation products with the addition of a relay system.

About Us
AMERICAN GERMAN ROLLSHUTTERS & SHADES American German Rollshutters and Shades have been manufacturing and installing quality products since 1976. In the beginning, we imported components directly from Germany to produce our Rolladen™ Rollshutters. By request of many of our builders and satisfied customers, we expanded our product line to include interior and exterior shade systems and retractable awnings. Before adding these products, we researched fabrics, extrusions, and automated systems to ensure they meet our quality product requirements.