American German Rollshutters & Shades | Retractable Awnings and Patio Awnings

Exterior Shades are retractable and can be mounted over windows or doors. These shades are manufactured with solar fabrics that will block the heat, not the view. Fabric densities available up to 95% will reduce heat gain, lower your energy cost and protect from UV damage. We offer several types of exterior shades including one called a Zip Shade that is resistant to the wind.

  • Block the heat, not the view
  • Solar fabrics composed of fiberglass with PVC coating
  • Fabric densities available up to 95%
  • Automation available

Installed outside over windows or doors

These shades can be automated with remote controls, sun/wind sensors, timers or tied into your home automation system.

We would be happy to show the many choices available and explain why we choose only the finest quality materials for our shades.

Give us a call to discuss your sun control issues and we will be happy to help you find the right solution.

Disclaimer: In providing a quote for you, we will quote our most common materials in each category. Be aware there are many choices in fabrics and densities of fabrics. This is just an estimate of the most popular materials in the category. Quotes do not include installation. On-site inspection is required to determine the installation fee in Arizona. Choosing a different material will change the prices that are quoted. This statement applies to all of the products listed.

About Us
AMERICAN GERMAN ROLLSHUTTERS & SHADES American German Rollshutters and Shades have been manufacturing and installing quality products since 1976. In the beginning, we imported components directly from Germany to produce our Rolladen™ Rollshutters. By request of many of our builders and satisfied customers, we expanded our product line to include interior and exterior shade systems and retractable awnings. Before adding these products, we researched fabrics, extrusions, and automated systems to ensure they meet our quality product requirements.