Use Awnings and patio shades to Reduce Energy Costs in Summer
April 25, 2022 No Comments Automation, EXTERIOR, Interior AMERICAN GERMAN ROLLSHUTTERS & SHADES
American German Rollshutters & Shades

Reduce air conditioning costs, and beautify your home exterior by adding fixed, retractable awnings or shades to your windows.

Looking to reduce your air conditioning costs and shield your home from the sun’s harsh glare? You may want to consider adding awnings and shades.

Fixed or retractable awnings and shades can significantly reduce a home’s air conditioning usage in the summer, saving an estimated $200 or more annually, according to a study from the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA).

According to Professional Awning Manufacturers Association “The sun’s rays through glass are responsible for almost 20% of the load on your air conditioner

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AMERICAN GERMAN ROLLSHUTTERS & SHADES American German Rollshutters and Shades have been manufacturing and installing quality products since 1976. In the beginning, we imported components directly from Germany to produce our Rolladen™ Rollshutters. By request of many of our builders and satisfied customers, we expanded our product line to include interior and exterior shade systems and retractable awnings. Before adding these products, we researched fabrics, extrusions, and automated systems to ensure they meet our quality product requirements.

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